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Cadbury Picnic - Frugly

Cadbury Picnic

Truly Unruly

Limited Edition Strategy, Naming, Packaging Design, Illustration, Communication Strategy, Point of Buying.

Picnic’s “Fruit & Nut" offer was an existing recipe, but seen as an old and outdated flavour. It was struggling to get over the line with the big retailers. It was time for a re-invention!

The key was to embrace Picnic’s brand essence and personality, delivering to “Truly Unruly” through a re-invention of both its name and packaging design.

In order to overcome negative associations with previous incarnations, a ‘re-invention' that was differentiated and on-trend with today’s consumers was needed. Our target was young transitionals, looking for really exciting and unique offers. The name and the packaging design had to deliver to this.

We needed to stay true to Picnic’s core equities - its brand mark & racing stripe, yet create enough visual excitement to grab the attention of our new consumers. We developed the name FRUGLY, which was a mix of ‘Fruit’ (Raisins) & ‘Ugly'. It was the perfect name for Picnic’s re-invention of an old classic. We locked it up with a squeeze of caramel, a burst of fruit & nuts and stepped out with a striking new purple palette to deliver the final twist.