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Everyone loves Nanna

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I have seen my brands receive strong direct sales uplifts resulting from Brand Society’s work. It is the main lever that has enabled the brand to have a unique positioning & personality that will put it in good stead for future growth.
— Hannah Audas - Brand Manager, Nanna's
Nannas Before After.jpg

The frozen desserts category has declined in recent years, with brands having limited relevance to modern consumers. The Nanna's name held a lot of inherent warmth and meaning, but the previous traditional, beige Nanna's brand design failed to attract attention and make an emotional impact. How do we connect with a younger audience that doesn’t currently show much interest in the frozen dessert category? We needed to capture their attention and hearts through modern, bold design  - making an emotional and nostalgic connection by referencing the wonderful memories of Nanna's everywhere.

The doily graphic which forms the brand holding-shape, is a whimsical look back at the Nanna's name and delicious homestyle heritage. With bold, modern colours and style, shelf standout was maximised and endearing tone of voice added to complete a genuine emotional connection with Nanna herself.